Dalila Margarida Pinto Coelho
Title of the PhD Program: Doctoral Programme in Education; Title of PhD project: The use of Open Educational Resources in Higher Education Institutions: a study in Portugal and Mozambique
Portugal | PhD Candidate
Current: University of Aveiro/Universidade de Aveiro
Previous: University of Coimbra (degree and post grad); Politechnic Institute of Beja (worked)
The 5 keywords that describe the topic of interest in my PhD:
OER /(re)use creation/sharing
12/10/2012 started my PhD
31/07/2016 will hopefully finnish my PhD
Supervisor: Professor Ana Balula and Professor Fernando Ramos
Promotor: ?

My strong points are:
Project Management & Organization
 Self-Management & Work Habits
My weak points are:
Academic writing
being a full time research assistant in the University,currently, the lack of time to fully dedicate myself to the project is felted as my main constraint.

Accomplished a literature review within the scope of my Phd (Currently working on it)
Defined a theoretical framework in my Phd (Currently working on it)
Has experience giving workshops
2 is the number of experiments I have carried out so far in my PhD


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I have a degree in Educational Sciences (2004). I've been working as research assistant since 2005, in higher education.
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