Dimitar Poposki
Open Educational Resources and Higher Education (working title)
Finland | PhD Candidate
Current: Open Universiteit
Previous: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, University of Zagreb, Croatia
The 5 keywords that describe the topic of interest in my PhD:
Open Educational Resources
01/01/2008 started my PhD
01/01/2015 will hopefully finnish my PhD
Supervisor: Lex Bijlsma
Promotor: Lex Bijlsma

My strong points are:
Analysis & problem solving
Interpersonal & Leadership Skills
Project Management & Organization
My weak points are:
Academic writing
Attention to details

Accomplished a literature review within the scope of my Phd (Currently working on it)
Defined a theoretical framework in my Phd (Currently working on it)
Has experience giving workshops
1 is the number of experiments I have carried out so far in my PhD
Bonaccorso, E. et al (2014) Bottlenecks in the Open-Access System: Voices from Around the Globe. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication. Volume 2. Issue 2. Available at: http://jlsc-pub.org/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1126&context=jlsc
1. Poposki, D. Open Educational Resources and Open Access in Higher Education in Macedonia, 2010. [Report]. http://hdl.handle.net/10760/16131
2. Dimitar Poposki, Emilija Bojkovska, Branko Tošović, Arno Wonisch - Создавање на текстови во сите функционални стилови и нивните авторски права за македонскиот Гралис-Корпус („Гралис-Мак"), (Creation of Texts in all Functional Styles for the Macedonian GRALIS-Corpora (GRALIS-MAK) and theirs copyrights), 2011 (International Seminar for Macedonian Language, Literature and Culture, 2011 (СОВIЅЅ.МК-ID88790538) http://hdl.handle.net/10760/18664
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Library and Information Science
  • Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN). February 2013 – Present. Community dedicated to expanding the research base on Open Educational Resources worldwide. The network is a joint initiative by the UNESCO Chair in Open Educational Resources at Open Universiteit in the Netherlands (coordinator) and the UNESCO/COL Chair in Open Educational Resources at Athabasca University, Canada.
  • US Department of State Alumni (Junior Faculty Development program). U.S. government-sponsored exchange visiting scholar at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, USA
  • Macedonian American Alumni Association (MAAA). The Association is a nonpolitical,nonprofit and entirely private voluntary organization.