Search for Promoters

Here you can search for available promoters.

The promoters are ordered according to their main field of expertise.


In almost all cases there is a connection between your potential promoter and the university your promoter is connected to. This means that this university will award the PhD degree or equivalent. All rules and regulations of this university will apply. You can only start with your PhD trajectory after you have been accepted by this university.

If this university is a GO-GN member you might find more detailed information on PhD programs and trajectories from this institution on the partner page.

Co-promoters and associate promoters

Here you can search for available co-promoters and associate promoters.

The co-promoters and associate promoters are ordered according to their main field of expertise.

The basic assumption from the GO-GN is that besides your promoter you will have 2 co-promoters/associate promoters to cover both OER related aspects of your research and topic related aspects of your PhD work. This is also an opportunity to introduce international expertise that can enrich the PhD research.

Please be aware to approach co-promoters and/or associate promoters in agreement with your promoter. Please be also aware that the university that accepted you as a PhD candidate/student might have specific rules on the selection of co-promoters and/or associate promoters. You are advised to check this first before contacting any potential co-promoter or associate promoter to avoid problems or dissappointment.