Expert roles explained

Experts may perform various roles within the GO-GN:

  • Promotor: An expert who is leading the mentoring and supervision of the PhD candidate at the degree awarding university
  • Co-promotor: An expert who has the formal authority to confer a PhD degree on PhD candidates
  • Associate promotor: An expert who does not have the formal authority to confer a PhD degree on PhD candidates, provided this title fits the regulations of the degree awarding university
  • Mentor: Same as an Associate promotor,  in case the Degree awarding university does not accept the title 'Associate promotor'

The promoter will be an (individual) member of the GO-GN, which preferably is also the case for the other experts involved, although sometimes ad hoc expertise is an option as well. Preferably the promotership will reside at a GO-GN partner university, but it can also be established with an individual expert. This option has been included to be as flexible as possible in involving excellent experts.

'What's in it for me'?

As a GO-GN experts will join an international network comprising of fellow professionals from reputable institutions. Have a look at the services and benefits overview.