Institutional Partnership explained

The GO-GN distinguishes two partnership categories for participating universities:

  • Full partnership, for universities with PhD degree awarding power
  • Associate partnership, for universities lacking this power1

The conditions to join as an institutional partner are:

  • To provide at least one PhD candidate and intended (associate) promoter who is prepared to also become engaged in promoter/s team/s for PhD trajectories from other universities (in the latter case without being paid for that)
  • To adopt the GO-GN working document as the framework for the institution's participation in the Network
  • To contribute to specific GO-GN activities where appropriate (e.g. through courses, presentations, publications, or GO-GN documents)

In addition we anticipate that all new UNESCO Chairs in OER will partner in the GO-GN.

PhD degrees will be awarded by the host university according to institutional and national regulations, unless this university is lacking PhD degree awarding power. In such a case one of the GO-GN partner universities involved will take over this role, which implies application of the institutional and national regulations for that university.

Why join?

Institutional membership provides access to an international network of reputable institutions and experts in the field of OER. Have a look at the GO-GN services and benefits overview.


1) Associate partnership may also be awarded to non-university organizations like research institutes, companies, and specific IGO's and NGO's.