Paula Cardoso
Open Educational Practices in Public Higher Education in Portugal: from Theory to Practice
Portugal| PhD Candidate
Current: Portuguese Open University
Previous: University of Coimbra; Portuguese Catholic University
The 5 keywords that describe the topic of interest in my PhD:
Open Educational Resources
Open Educational Practices
01/10/2011 started my PhD
15/12/2015 will hopefully finnish my PhD
Supervisor: Prof. Lina Morgado
Promotor: Prof. António Teixeira

My strong points are:
My weak points are:
Analysis & problem solving
Self-Management & Work Habits

Accomplished a literature review within the scope of my Phd (Currently working on it)
Defined a theoretical framework in my Phd (Currently working on it)
Has experience giving workshops
1 is the number of experiments I have carried out so far in my PhD


  • Dias F, Cardoso P, Oliveira F, (2013). The National Observatory of Tourism Recreational Activities as a Tool for Excellence in Portuguese Tourism Recreation. Abstract Book - VI International Tourism Congress, ESTM/IPL, 27-29 November. ISBN: 978-989-97395-4-3.
  • Fernandes I, Cardoso P, Morgado L (2013). Análise de uma Experiência num MOOC: da Imersão à Participação Periférica. In Gomes MJ et al (orgs.). Atas da VIII Conferência Internacional de Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação na Educação (pp. 1533-1545). Braga: Universidade do Minho. ISBN: 978-989-97374-2-6. 
  • Cardoso, P. (2011). Uma abordagem teórica à análise da adequação pedagógica de websites referenciados em manuais escolares. In Dias, P. e Osório, A. (orgs.) Actas da VII Conferência Internacional de TIC na Educação, Braga "Perspectivas de inovação" (pp. 847-857). Braga: Universidade do Minho. ISBN: 978-972-98456-9-7.
  1. Undergraduate degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, English and German Studies, from the University of Coimbra.
  2. Post-Graduation in Translation and Subtitling, from the Superior Institute of Translations and Assistants, in Oporto.
  3. Post-Graduation in Educational IT - conclusion of the Master Degree curricular plan in the Portuguese Catholic University.
  4. Specialist Degree in Distance Education and eLearning - conclusion of the Doctoral curricular plan in the Portuguese Open University.
  5. Started PhD research in October 2013.
  • LEaD - Distance Education and eLearning Lab - Research unit (Universidade Aberta) dedicated to researching and developing Distance Education and eLearning 
  • GITUR - Tourism Research Group - Research unit (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria) dedicated to researching the tourism field and developing collaboration regional, national and international programmes.