Topics in Learning Sciences & Technologies

A field of work, like Learning Sciences and Technology Enhanced Learning can be organised as a series of topics, some of them providing the basic knowledge of the profession, and others representing new developments in the field. For example a new technology, some new research findings or a new method in the field. You as a professional, you need to update your knowledge, to be able to discuss the topic with your peers and clients, and to have an opinion and experience about its effective use in practice.

To enable you to get up to date quickly and to exchange experience with others, we have organised this series of topics. Partly this is organised as information and social tools in this community, but when possible it also involves participating in organised events, like workshops and discussions on location.

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  • The red topics are part of the Learning Sciences, the green topics of Technology Enhanced Learning.
  • The topic website for assessment will be opened mid 2012.