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Learning in Context Workshop 2012, Brussels 26th and 27th of March

In this workshop current innovative practices on the use of mobile learning and research from the domain of Technology Enhanced Learning were joint.  Contextualized learning will be addressed from different angles, including

  • case-studies from industry, Higher Education and Secondary Education
  • Current and future Research issues, and
  • Visions for the future of applying mobile learning in education and training.

In the 2-day event in Brussels a small group of experts has worked with educational professionals from industry, formal education and CPD who have some experience in the application of Mobile Learning. Speakers are Agned Kukulska-Hulme, Mike Sharples, Norbert Pachler, Christian Glahn, Volker Zimmermann, Marcus Specht. Marcus will be joint by Marco Kalz, Roland Klemke, Stefaan Ternier and Fred de Vries from the Mobile Learning team.

The detailed agenda has links to all the slides and videofragments (to be added)

John Traxler Agnes Kukulska-Hulme Volker Zimmermann Erik Duval Roland Klemke
Norbert Pachler Eric Slaats Matthijs Leendertse Marcus Specht Christian Glahn


Monday 26 March and Tuesday 27 March 2012

Opleidingsinstituut van de Federale Overheid / L'Institut de Formation de l'Administration fédérale, Brussels, Belgium

Main Goals of the Workshop
- Share best practices on Research and applications on Mobile learning – query interest in participation using open innovation model 
- Strengthening ties between industry, formal education and researchers on this popular topic 
- Discuss the Grand Challenges identified in the STELLAR Network of Excellence instruments with participants and ask for their input.

There were 50 participants from industry, universities, CDP who are active in the sub-domain Mobile Learning.  Results of presentations, discussions and groupwork are published on TELeurope and in this OpenU Mobile Learning topic.