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Social Gaming Trend Report 2012

Please find some slides from Newzoo on trends in online casual & social games through

Some highlights from the report tell us that:

- about 40% of time spent on gaming deals with social games

- about 87% of all gamers occasionally play social games

- europeans are less likely (18%) to spend money on social games, asians are most likely to do so (46%)

The report concludes that it is hard these days to find games without social features, regardless of genre or platform.

What does this mean for serious games in education? Not an awful lot directly, although we also envision more social and serious gaming to emerge under the influence of both web2.0 usage and new societal demands.

The last (societal) aspect is most interesting from a vocational  education point of view. Organisational succes nowadays to a large extend depends on effective, multi-disciplinary collaboration between employees, that have to exchange their expertise and work together in order to solve professional problems. Social serious games in which various roles play together in the game are promising and motivating educational tools to support learners in acquiring the right collaboration competences


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