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Lecture on RecSys for TEL at advanced SIKS course

Yesterday, I gave a lecture at the advanced SIKS course on Recommender Systems in TEL (#6_tel). The slides are an updated version of the lecture I gave already last year in the UK and Germany. The new version has an adjusted conclusion section that mainly builds upon the new Springer book on "Recommender Systems for Learning" that will appear soon in 2012.
In this book the dataTEL core team (Nikos,Katrien, Erik and myself) gave an overview of the past 1o years of RecSysTEL research. We analyzed 42 RecSys according to their tasks, objectives, evaluation approach, user and domain model, and their personalization approach. Form this comprehensive study we conclude 7 major challenges for TEL RecSys research in the upcoming 5 years.
The book is a very helpful introduction for all researcher that want to conduct research on personalization, learner support and knowledge management through recommender systems. All references used in the book are available in an open user group at the Mendeley research platform and will continue to be enriched with additional references. We would like to encourage the researcher to sign up for this group and to connect to the community of people working on these topics, gaining access to the collected bibliography but also contributing pointers to new relevant publications within this very fast emerging domain.
RecSysTEL lecture at advanced SIKS course, NL
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