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You are enrolled in this masterclass. Currently you are in the Learning activities section, the heart of the masterclass. It contains the learning activities you will carry out during the two-week run of the masterclass. Some of these activities may not yet be accessible, as they will open during the course of the masterclass.

The menu at the left shows the various learning activities. These will be visible once you click Start studying now... or Continue studying ....

Learning goals

Participants differ in their learning needs, prior knowledge, professional context and available time. Therefore you can largely define your own learning goals within this masterclass. The Intake Questionnaire (under Day 1 activities) will assist you in this.

You will be able to realise at least the following in this masterclass:

  • gain knowledge about the most relevant and recent theories and methods in the field of this masterclass;
  • exchange knowledge and experiences with other participants - both experts and practitioners;
  • when you are a relative novice, establish a foundation to apply what you learn to your professional context;
  • you will be able to report, discuss and reflect on the topic of this masterclass

Learning activities

This masterclass is structured around a set of diverse learning activities: participate in a live expert session; attend paper presentations; discussions with fellow participants; study scientific articles and other resources; write a blog; etc. Exactly what you do is up to you, depending on your personal learning needs, prior knowledge, and available time. As a result you may invest anywhere between 2 and 20 hours in this masterclass.

How to proceed?

To the left (after clicking Start studying now... or Continue studying ...) you find the menu with learning activities for the week. You may select and complete these one by one. When done with an activity, tick it as completed. In case of a submitted assignment the expert may mark your activity as completed. 



While the masterclass is in progress, new learning activities will be made available.

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